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What if it’s just a Follow up?

Today I had two appointments for AFLAC and I was excited because I figured I would sell to at least one new person and open my first account for the quarter. It’s a month in and it would be nice to get rid of the 0 next to my name for new accounts opened this year.

I was driving down the road all happy and raring to go……

The first appointment was FINE. I have about 4 people to call next week. They took the information and need to talk to husbands, etc. No one bought.

That’s ok. It happens.

I went to the second one. It would be a new account. They were very nice. They took the information. I will follow up next week. It obviously didn’t open today.

I was still ok.

Then I called to confirm my appointment for tomorrow. This could be the new account I was looking for.

“We need to push it off a month.”

That was it. The Land of suck enveloped me.

Here’s what my brain started saying very loudly:

  1. You suck

  2. You really suck

  3. You’re the only one that sucks

  4. You can’t do this

  5. You really really suck

  6. Things will NEVER be different

  7. And, by the way – you’re fat

  8. You’re getting fatter by the day

  9. You didn’t have those back flab rolls last week

  10. You’re pretty gross

  11. You don’t deserve to live

  12. There is something REALLY wrong with you

So what did I do when I got home?

  1. I meditated to Bob Proctor’s Abundance meditation and fell asleep

I’m writing this to get some freedom. I feel like I’m ALWAYS writing about this. Who wants to read this shit? Are you always this negative?

  1. Umm – that would seem like a yes right now

  2. this seems to be what happens when I have a disappointment



I forgot about what happens when I’m disappointed. The whole worlds suddenly sucks and I suck the worst!!!!! In an instant.

I was just telling my daughter about this. A boy didn’t want to hang out with her that she liked and all of a sudden everything sucked.

OK – what was my disappointment?

I thought I’d be selling business today, opening up a group today and tomorrow, and turning things back around.

And none of it happened. Of course. The three downer RULE.

Thank you. This is helpful.

I’m supposed to be saying I am attracting abundance. I’m redoing the 21 day abundance meditation challenge.

I can’t quite get that. I mean, I want to believe it.

Well, why not believe it? Why do I want to be right about how I can’t?

Good question. OK.

I’m living in abundance. I have an abundance of love, health, friends, communities, water views, great clothes from Athleta, plenty of toilet paper, underwear, socks and bras……what else could a girl want? (Besides maybe a great guy to share my life with………..)

Well, that’s for another day……obviously…….

Thank you for letting me get present to that. I am grateful for my life.

And, maybe I’ll start calling again tomorrow. I have to go to my seminar!!!!!!

Have a great night.

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