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Trying Blog First

I’m eating dinner so not going to record right now. I’m trying to write instead.

And, start with the good stuff instead of the negative. For a change:

  1. The guy who is going to help me link my websites, videos and blogs finally emailed me today with ideas. I am so excited. I’ve been waiting since June so this is really great news.

  2. I did some work with my disempowering conversations this weekend. I can literally let them go and create something new. It is very freeing.

  3. After my second date yesterday with Barry Manilow, I got resigned about ever meeting anyone. Today I saw that I was just disappointed. When I’m feeling negative, blaming myself, feeling hopeless and wanting to numb myself, I’ve been seeing that it tracks to a disappointment.

  4. Once I recognize that, I can deal with it, and come back to creating something new powerfully.

  5. This isn’t new, it’s just that I don’t always recognize what my trigger is. It occurs like things really do suck and are hopeless. Seeing the moment it started is helpful. Then I can look at what happened objectively instead of just going down the dark tunnel of powerlessness and hopelessness. It’s not a fun place to be.

  6. I wrote about this for years in my first blog, Tired of Feeling Blog. It helped me get from the left/dark side to the right/happy side. I developed techniques. I tried to shorten the time on the left.

  7. I haven’t looked at that stuff for years. I don’t think I will. I’d be afraid to go back to those not so fun days.

Gotta go. I’m going to go back to my jigsaw puzzle and perhaps a Hallmark or Lifetime movie. It doesn’t matter if I don’t finish the movie. I know how they end!!!! Will it be a Christmas movie or will they be royalty or talented musicians?

It doesn’t matter. Even if the guy and girl just met, they always end up happily ever after!!!

Have a great night. Thanks for listening!

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