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Memory – A Little Scary

I just did a video on memory. It was scary. I was trying to give the statistics for my blog that I received yesterday and couldn’t remember most of them. So here they are:

Getting Real with Hilary  Creator OMG! You had 1,133 minutes watched this month. That’s 18.883 whole hours!Here’s how your channel did this month+20SUBSCRIBERS +456VIEWS +1,133MINUTES WATCHEDAnd here is how your community responded+54LIKES +10COMMENTS +10POSTS +18SHARES

Isn’t that amazing? I don’t even know what I am doing!!! Since I had no expectations, I’m very pleased!!

OK – here’s the video where I can’t remember a fucking thing. (Yes, I swear).

And, one of the things that one of the Fabulous Babes remembered over the weekend is that we were the Fat Ass hole club.

I had been looking for years for who else was in that club with me and I offended many people I asked.

“Were you in the Fat Ass hole club?”

“No. Why would I have been in that club? Why are you asking me? Do you think I’m a fat ass hole?”

Whoops!!! Never mind. It wasn’t you!!!

I couldn’t figure out who had laughed with me about it. Definitely none of the people I asked. They were horrified.

Finally, I found the rest of my club. (I’m not mentioning names because some people get upset if I name people.) But, thankfully the mystery was solved. We cracked up remembering.

If we didn’t work out one day, we said we were in the Fat Ass hole club. Yes, we were fun, young, energetic and had NO FEAR!!! And we swore and it was great!!!

OK, gotta run. I’m already running late but since this is so much fun I couldn’t resist.

Thanks for listening and have a great fucking day!!

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