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I Need A Vote

My book is getting closer to being finished.

I had the title, The Second Piece of French Toast. It was all set. It was a go.

I was talking to a friend who is a graphic designer today.

She said: “It’s too long. You need something more snappy.”

OK – now I am doubting everything about the damn book.

I told her what the book is about. Basically: It’s me wondering what had happened to me when I was married. I forgot who I was. It’s my journey to find my real self.

We were talking. Possible titles:

Getting Real

Uncovering my real self

Cracking the Shell

Creating My Life

Getting Real with Myself

Do You Really Need That?

Speaking Up – never mind – too many of them

and the original title “What Happened to Hilary”

I need to figure this out obviously in order to publish the damn thing.

I suppose I could shorten it to the Second Anything

I kind of like that.

Thoughts? Since I’m kind of obsessing instead of working, I thought I’d put it out there.

OK, back to work. Any thoughts are welcome.

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