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How to Love Unconditionally


Yes. Even me. I can even love me. Flaws and all.

Finally realized that I will never stop worrying, being insecure, thinking I can’t do it, and that I don’t know how.

Those are just familiar thoughts that I have really thought I shouldn’t have or be. I’ve been waiting for them to go away so I could get on to my REAL life.

Now I know, they aren’t going away.

And it’s ok.

I can do things anyway. I can be loved anyway. I can have that life I’ve really wanted but was afraid that I couldn’t have it, anyway.

How freaking cool is that.

Here is the video:

Uh oh – you never know who’s listening!!!

So, gotta go. I have a Conference for Global Transformation to attend.

Have a great night.

Thanks for listening.


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