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We are launching an exciting contest tommorow. You can win a session with the planning genie which will alter the trajectory of your life. FOR REAL!!!

You can pick one of the following two services if you are the LUCKY WINNER:

  • 1. Discover and clarify your unique purpose and passion AND get in touch with what is your personal inherent greatness

  • 2. If you already have a project, goal, or dream that you would love to be in action about, this service assists you in creating a 90 day actionable plan with the planning genie

Both services have a priceless value and one of them can be yours AT NO COST TO YOU.

This contest is so freaking amazing!!!

The link for the action items is on www.gettingrealwithhilary.com, so just click the link to start your entry.

Can't wait to see why you believe you should be the lucky winner.

If you have any questions, just fill out the contact sheet on the site.

Hope to hear from you soon.

The Planning Genie

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