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Back At Work

It’s not that bad. I have set my goals and I am over the fact that I have no idea how to hit them.

I never do. And last year I had no idea how to hit them either. But I did. And I came out as the top DSC (District Sales Coordinator) in the 4th quarter in our whole market. I never expected to do THAT well. OK, but not GREAT.

So, I’m giving up needing to know how.

And, that’s pretty cool. I’m visualizing getting it done.

Visualizing having six pack abs and sleek arms at a certain weight (not telling you the number).

Visualizing having a great guy as a life partner who treats me like a queen, etc.

And I feel way better than last week when I was not in action and expecting the worse.

Gotta go. Have a great night.


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