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It’s a miracles, folks. You have to watch the video to see what happened. Just last week I was whining about how bad I am. Like a fact. I can’t believe it. I had so much evidence to prove it. It was TRUE!!! Watch to see what happened.

Again, the best of the three pictures to choose from believe it or not!

On another note:

My vision: That everyone knows that they are loved unconditionally exactly as they are, that they belong to a world community, and that they are free to create lives that they love.

I am exploring accepting myself exactly as I am – it is quite remarkable to not resist my bad moods, insecurity, worry and disempowering thoughts. It is a pathway for freedom for me.

Thank you for sharing my journey.

And, today I found out that my book talk at the Westport Public Library has been rescheduled on zoom for June 9th at 10:15 AM. The moderator will be my writing teacher, Jessica Bram. That is so freaking cool. I would never have kept writing if it wasn’t for her wisdom, encouragement and patience.

More information to come as we get closer to the date.

Have a great night. Thanks for listening.


Yes. Even me. I can even love me. Flaws and all.

Finally realized that I will never stop worrying, being insecure, thinking I can’t do it, and that I don’t know how.

Those are just familiar thoughts that I have really thought I shouldn’t have or be. I’ve been waiting for them to go away so I could get on to my REAL life.

Now I know, they aren’t going away.

And it’s ok.

I can do things anyway. I can be loved anyway. I can have that life I’ve really wanted but was afraid that I couldn’t have it, anyway.

How freaking cool is that.

Here is the video:

Uh oh – you never know who’s listening!!!

So, gotta go. I have a Conference for Global Transformation to attend.

Have a great night.

Thanks for listening.



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