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I just completed the Landmark Forum for reviewers. I had done the Forum back in 1992 and 1994 and hadn't done the program since then.

What I saw over the weekend is how stressed out I have been. I've been working hard, trying to get everything right, trying to be good and be a team player, and running from scheduled thing to scheduled thing heart and pulse racing with no time left to just STOP AND BE.

It would make sense, then, for me to try and get the Forum right. I was completely stressed Friday and Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, I finally got to share.

"I'm trying to figure out the right way to do this," I said.

"That's just your automatic way," the Forum Leader said. "It's a trap and won't get you free."

"Well, what do I do then?" I asked, perplexed.

"Nothing," she said. She just "be-ed" with me, peacefully and silently.

I stared back wondering if I was done. "Should I go on mute?" I wondered. "Am I supposed to be doing something?"

Then I stopped trying to figure it out. I just got present to the silence. And the peace. And the lack of needing to be rushing, thinking, doing, racing, and trying to get things done.

"Thank you," I finally said and she thanked me back.

The zoom audience silently clapped for me.

Later that day I created the possibility of Being Free. The world literally slowed down. I could breathe. And not DO ANYTHING in order to be ok.

Today, with a few minor moments of my machinery, life was different. I was calm. I didn't NEED to be good, a team player, or work hard to prove anything. I just lived my life.

It was awesome.

If you'd like to join me on Wednesday, June 17th, to be with Michelle, my Forum Leader for an introduction to this life altering/freeing program, please contact me on this web site and I will give you the information.

My commitment is to be Real and Free. The Landmark Forum is a powerful tool that you can also experience to jettison yourself into a new created world. I hope you will join me.

Thank you for listening.

I just finished recording the book talk. The recording will be available in a few days. Here's what I realized:

I was nervous before the talk.

And I was still nervous after the book talk. Unbelievable. I thought I would finally be able to relax and MOVE ON. But NO, instead, I was questioning myself:

  • How did I do?

  • Did I talk too much?

  • Did I answer the questions?

  • Why did they stop it when they did?

  • Why did they jump off the zoom so abruptly?

  • Was it my fault?

  • Was it something I did?

  • etc.

It's kind of a tortured way to live. I am giving it up RIGHT NOW!!!!

Here's what I decided in my last video: "Worry, worry, worry....."

I'll never stop worrying. I'll never have my shit together. I don't have to be perfect. I can allow myself to be exactly as I am and not resist it. I can even think it's cute!!!! Wow - that's a new one.

And when I see myself worrying from now on, I can just laugh and realize "I'm doing it again. How freaking cute!! I know it doesn't matter WHAT I'm worrying about. It's just my habitual way of kind of numbing myself from being present. How adorable!! "

[OK, I'm going overboard with the cute and adorable, but I'm trying to change my context for worrying so go with it.]

So, that is my take away from my book talk. Allow it all. Recognize it and breathe. Look around. Get present.

And with that said, I will take off my jewelry and nice top (they only saw me from the shoulders up on the zoom book talk), and relax outside listening to the waves. I will make a list of what I need to do for the rest of the day and then GET TO WORK.

Thanks for listening. I can't wait to share the book talk with you.



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